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It turns out that our media rich society has some drawbacks.  While the amount of TV viewing has dropped in the United States, we still need to be diligent about the importance of moderation.  The American Medical Association has confirmed what we already knew intuitively – that excessive TV viewing is detrimental to our health.

People who watch TV for 2 hours a day have a 20% higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a 15% higher risk of developing fatal or nonfatal cardiovascular disease, and a 13% greater risk of dying early from any cause. Watching TV alters energy expenditure by displacing time spent on physical activities, and is associated with unhealthy eating (more fried foods, processed meats, sugary drinks and less fruits, vegetables, whole grains). On average, Americans watch TV 5 hours a day.

Source:  Journal of the American Medical Association, 2011

Of course the cure for excessive TV viewing is exercise.  The truth is, this takes discipline and commitment – but it does not take much to reverse the detrimental health effects of being a “couch potato”.

One way to start is with our Body Vibe.  You could actually watch TV at the same time you are on the Body Vibe and in 10 minutes, get a workout equivalent to a four mile jog for your circulatory, skeletal and lymphatic systems.

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Michelle from California:

“I have used the Body Vibe for over 1 year now and it has helped me to lose weight and improve muscle mass. I can do so many different exercises with this machine. And I absolutely love it and recommend it.”

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