The Codex Committee in Canada and the United States set policy for food labeling. The mission and purpose of this committee is the adoption of a standard that would require the disclosure to consumers on product labels of the presence of any Genetically-Modified ingredients in that food product.

Unfortunately, for these many years now, some Codex-member country delegations – but especially those of the United States and Canada – have been blocking the adoption of this rule, against the wishes of the vast majority of their own citizens. Polls on the subject routinely show support of more than 90% amongst Americans and Canadians for full disclosure of this important food fact.

If you agree with us, that as citizens of these two great countries, consumers have the right to be fully informed about the foods that he or she is eating or drinking, then please sign the Petition below.

The time for getting involved in now, before we lose more health freedoms tomorrow.

Thank you for making your voice be heard on this important issue.

CLICK HERE to Sign the U.S. Peition Online Now

CLICK HERE to Sign the Canadian Peition Online Now

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