Are you prone to catch more of your share of colds? It seems they are increasing as the level of exercise in our society is decreasing. Now there is research that validates what we intuitively know.

Different levels of exercise can significantly increase or decrease your chances of catching a cold. If you tend to be a couch potato, then you will catch 2-3 colds per year, on average. Regular moderate exercise can reduce the risk of catching cold-like infections by 33% (this effect has been shown to be the result of the cumulative effect of exercise leading to long-term improvement in immunity). Prolonged strenuous exercise, such as marathons, can make an individual more susceptible to catching colds. We are constantly exposed to viruses, but it is our immune system that determines whether we get sick or not.

Source: Association for Science Education Conference, Jan 2012

It’s the end of February. How are those New Years’ Resolutions to get out and exercise more doing? One of the great things about our bodies is that is never too late to get started. Maybe you have been a “couch potato” for so long that is seems hopeless.

I talked to a 93-year-old lady this week that purchased our Body Vibe to help her keep active. She was not calling to say that the Body Vibe didn’t do what it promised – increase circulation, work the lymphatic system and build muscle tone – she wanted to know if she was ready to take it to a new level and increase the intensity of her workout!

Seize the opportunity today to get out and exercise. Whether you do it on a Body Vibe or just get out and walk – do something physical that will help build your immune system and a host of other healthy benefits.

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