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leafy-greensDark leafy greens are great sources of many vital nutrients, including iron, calcium and fiber. These antioxidant jackpots are also ideal sources of calcium and vitamins A, C and K. It is important to add a variety of these greens to your diet, so finding new and creative ways to fit them in can prevent green veggie boredom.

Create a flavor-packed side dish by sautéing mustard greens, kale and others with light olive oil, diced shallots and fresh garlic. Or, try kale chips to satisfy that crispy, crunchy craving in place of chips or other less healthy snack options. These options make the greens the spotlight of the dish. If you want something a bit more incognito, there are many other ways to fit them into your diet without radical changes.

Smoothies have risen in popularity over the last few years, and these thick treats are a perfect vessel for hiding, or adding, greens. Let’s face it, you can’t necessarily hide greens in a smoothie, because the final smoothie will pick up a green hue. But, with flavorful fruits like banana, tropical fruits and berries, you can create a treat that is full of flavor with all of those great vitamins.

Add spinach and other mild-flavored greens to your morning omelets. Chopped spinach goes well with omelets and even scrambled eggs. Throughout the winter months, cook finely chopped greens into soups to get two benefits from one dish. Enjoy the warm satisfaction of soup to beat the cold temperatures, and get the vitamin-packed punch of those greens.

If you enjoy salads, chopped spinach, arugula and similar greens will mix well with other spring salad mixes. Add them to a salad filled with other veggies and a light dressing to enjoy the greens without having them stand out. You can also add a layer of greens to a lunchtime sandwich, chop them into chicken salad, or add them to a fast, light stir fry. By adding these greens to dishes you already love, you can reap the benefits without having to turn your diet upside down.

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