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bigstock-fresh-blueberry-44909770The war on cancer is still raging. Doctors and researchers have not given up in their efforts to find a cure. Meanwhile, there are some techniques individuals can use, which will help them fight their own battle against cancer. It may seem like an impossible task or perhaps a long shot, but what is there to lose? The most important part to staying healthy is to eat right. Nutrients in cancer fighting foods play a vital part in the reformation of healthy red cells. Without the proper amount of minerals, vitamins, iron and proteins, the human body would cease to exist.

The war against cancer is not fought solely in the medicine cabinet, but rather in the kitchen. Knowing which foods to prepare, and what healing properties they contain can improve your quality of life.

What Foods Have the Cancer Fighting Nutrients I Need?


  • Vitamin C is loaded with folate. Start the day off with a large glass of cold O.J. This juice is contains high levels of folate and plus it tastes great.
  • Try incorporating some greenery during lunch hour or perhaps at dinner time. Beans and peas and even asparagus and Brussels sprouts contain folate as well.
  • Berries contain polyphenol antioxidants and ellagic acid. These ingredients are known to prevent or interrupt the growth of the tumor.
  • Dark bitter sweet chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth, boost your metabolism and prevent cancer. The added benefits of healing include protection against stoke and heart disease.
  • Spices like ginger and turmeric contain powerful and healthful anti inflammatory ingredients, like curcumin, that helps wage the war on cancer. These two spices taste great on meats and other foods.


Eating healthy, and exercising are two important combinations to include in any health plan. Cancer cells can cease to grow, and eventually cease to exist, when everyone does their part in protecting the body (we like to hope). Nutrients serve a purpose to every organ in the body. When the right foods are consumed, nutrients are allowed to flourish, spread and strengthen the cells, bones and internal organs.  These and other cancer fighting foods are available at local supermarkets, and many are priced starting at $1.00.

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2 thoughts on “Cancer Fighting Foods

  1. I think this article really hit home! Food and exercise are so important to start and right the ship that is off course. This should be the first course of action, unless the ship has been blown so far off course that medication has to be used to beging the process of bringing it back to port!

  2. One of the most important ways to prevent or treat most health problems like cancer, diabetis, migraines and about any illness you could have is to alkalize your body with alkaline, micro-clustered water. There is a nmber of machine on the market to change your tap water to healthy water but the Kangen SD501 machine made by the Enagic Co. is the only one that is a medical device in Japan. The machines have been used in hospitals and private homes in Japan for over 30 years but only been sold by Direct Sales in the US for 10 years.

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