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Unfortunately, due to today’s environmental pollutants, iodine deficiency has become a worldwide epidemic. It’s common knowledge that pollutants cause cancer, but what many don’t know is that these pollutants cause a deficiency that can make us sick. Iodized salt–supposedly a solution to iodine deficiency– provides a false sense of security. The government RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of Iodine for adults is a paltry 150 mcg. (micrograms).  Noted medical doctor Guy Abraham, MD said, “RDA doses of iodine are ineffective in preventing oxidative DNA damage and have no anti-cancer effect in the body.” Did you know that doctors once considered iodine to be one of the most beneficial medicines on the planet? Iodine is utilized by every cell in the human body and a lack of iodine can make it difficult to properly detoxify the body; create thyroid dysfunction and promote cancer cell growth.


David Brownstein MD, author of Iodine: Why You Need it, Why You Can’t Live Without It and co-author of The Iodine Crisis: What You Don’t Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life, reveals his latest research about iodine and it’s vital role. Brownstein feels iodine is the most misunderstood nutrient and suggests that most of the population is grossly deficient in this valuable mineral. He feels it is impossible to achieve your optimal health when there is iodine deficiency present.


The entire body stores 1500 mg (1.5 gm) total. Dr. Brownstein recommends a supplement of 25-50mg daily. Our organic iodine provides 30 mg in one serving.

While most supplements contain just iodine, we added 400mg of L-tyrosine, which is a building block for the thyroid hormone, which controls our body’s metabolic rate and energy level. The most common symptoms of an under-active thyroid are fatigue and weight gain. Giving the body a daily supply of L-tyrosine will promote optimal thyroid function, which will improve energy and promote weight loss as well.

L-tyrosine is an important component for some major biochemical processes in the body that regulate mood, appetite and energy levels. This is a natural remedy that can be taken safely to address some very common health problems.


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