This is not to discourage you from taking your morning shower – but did you know that the chlorine in practically all water supplies has been linked to the destruction of proteins in the body, skin irritations, sinus conditions, allergies, asthma and respiratory problems, not to mention that it becomes a trihalomethane in the body which is a carcinogen?

Free chlorine is one of the most toxic elements found in nature. Taking a shower in tap water is the same as drinking one liter of that contaminated water.

If we know there is a problem with our water supply, what’s the solution? Quite simple, actually. You can get a simple shower filter for every shower in your dwelling. The patented KDF 55 bacteriostatic chlorine-reducing media will in this our Filtrating Shower Head will remove the chlorine, bacteria, mold, fungus, chemicals and other impurities from the water.

The specially cured crystalline quartz layer creates a softer, energy-enhanced shower “feel” and improves lathering.

Remember:  You are 70 percent water, you lose 2 quarts a day which must be replaced if you want to stay in good health.

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