Motivation to Move

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While everybody knows that exercise is required for optimum health, many people find it difficult to fit exercise into their busy lives. Fortunately, health professionals now know that health and fitness don’t require prolonged sessions of rigorous physical activity. In fact, most people can improve their health by incorporating a few changes into their day-to-day activities. Try one or more of these suggestions and you’ll soon start to feel more energetic and healthy.

Park on the far side

While running errands, always park your car as far from the place you’re visiting as possible. Not only will the extra steps help improve your health, but your car won’t be subjected to as many dings from other car’s doors.

Take the stairs

Whenever you have a choice, take stairs instead of an elevator. Most buildings put the elevators near the entrance, while the stairs may be harder to find. Looking for the stairs is worth the effort because climbing stairs is great for your heart and lungs.

Get a dog

Dog owners must walk their pets at least twice a day, so owning a dog automatically forces the owner to get more exercise. Don’t get a dog just as an exercise buddy though. Research shows that patting a pet lowers blood pressure and reduces other stress effects, and dogs are great company. Be sure to match the dog’s temperament and size to your surroundings before making a commitment.

Stand up to talk on the phone

Instead of sitting at your desk or on the couch, stand up and walk around while you’re on the phone. You won’t even notice the extra exercise, but your body will. If you must sit, fidget. Fidgeting burns a surprising number of extra calories.

Anaerobic exercise

In just ten minutes, you can get the equivalent of a gym session or jog with the Body Vibe. The Body Vibe from Let’s Talk Health helps improve balance and improves muscle strength and tone with no effort from the user. In fact, using the Body Vibe increases strength in untrained individuals to the same degree as a moderate-intensity strength training session. You can use the Body Vibe in many positions so it provides a whole body workout and there is no soreness or joint discomfort. Because you use Body Vibe in your own home, it’s easy to fit in a quick session at any time that’s convenient. Scientifically proven to produce results, the Body Vibe is an easy way to increase fitness and improve circulation and balance.

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