Is Sugar Toxic?

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The 60 minutes piece that was aired on CBS confirmed what we have been reporting about sugar for years – even to the point of being criticized for linking sugar consumption and cancer.

If you have not seen this expose on 60 Minutes – please spend some time to see the tremendous health issues sugar poses not only for diabetes and obesity – but heart disease and cancer as well.

Disclaimer:  You may see an ad for prescription drugs  – Ironic how CBS will expose sugar as dangerous and still promote Big Pharma’s drugs.

After viewing this video, if you are looking for a natural way to support good heart health, take a look at our new and improved Cardio Advantage Plus – enhanced with Lycopene.  It has been a proven formula through the years with tens of thousands of bottles sold coast to coast and around the world.

Here is what Tori from Utah had to say about Cardio Advantage Plus:

Cardio Advantage Plus helps me relax a bit about our (mine and my husband’s) heart health.”

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