Vitamin D deficiency has been linked with muscle weakness, increased fall risk, and bone fractures. 26% of the distal radius fracture patients were vitamin D insufficient compared to 11% in the control group.

Source:  Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Feb 2012


In the last decade, Vitamin D has become on of the most universally revered nutrients in the modern natural market.

Despite the overwhelming emerging science that has brought Vitamin D to the forefront of nutritional health – a whopping 77% of the population is lacking in sufficient Vitamin D

Vitamin D – and specifically, bioavailable D3 from cholecalciferol (the type found in Dense Bone) is critical for the absorption of bone-boosting minerals such as calcium, phosphorous and magnesium.

What you may not know is that ample Vitamin D in also a non-negotiable requirement for healthy immune function, balanced blood pressure levels, optimal insulin sensitivity and balanced blood sugar metabolism, healthy normal cell division, premenstrual comfort and a healthy and sanguine mood.

Amazingly, some people really have not fully embraced the importance of Vitamin D in their diets.  One of the issues with Vitamin D is how it is formulated for better absorption and maximum impact for health.

Our Dense Bone – contains 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3, combined with Vitamin K2 and Strontium.

“I buy a large quantity of Dense Bone from Let’s Talk Health because it is the only place where I can find D3 and K2 formula that from all the studies I’ve read, is imperative.”

“I have osteoporosis and have been using Dense Bone for the last few years… I attribute the fact that my condition has not worsened to Dense Bone along w/ the other regimen I am on….It has the all important ingredients of Vit. D-3, K-2.&strontium… I really couldn’t do without it ! Yea! Dense Bone!”

Vitamin K2 was added because it literally tells Vitamin D3 how to calcify or not calcify different internal areas of our bodies.  For instance, Vitamin K2 directs Vitamin D3 to calcify bone – very important as we grow older.  In the arteriole walls of our arteries, there is a Vitamin K2 dependent protein that receives Vitamin K2, thus preventing the calcification of the artery.  This always the calcium to be utilized by the bone as it should be.

Strontium is an ingredient less known, but extremely important for enhancing the benefits of Vitamin D3.  Clinical studies have shown Strontium to both decrease bone pain and increase bone formation – stimulating growth of new bone.

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