Link Between Vitamin C and Combating Cancer

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The importance of Vitamin C in combating cancer is of paramount importance. The body has two intrinsic lines of defense against the growth of a tumor, both of which involve Vitamin

The first is our immune system. Even after the most successful surgery, radiation or chemotherapy exercise, some cancer cells are bound to remain. It is our immune system that hunts down these cells and kills them. Vitamin C is required to mobilize specialized cells that fight cancer and other infections too.

Under severe duress, the immune system is challenged and needs high amounts of Vitamin C. In a nutritionally deficient body, the supplies of Vitamin C dwindle, resulting in unstoppable growth of tumors.

Dr. Tony Jimenez, a world-leading pioneer in natural cancer treatments and founder of Hope for Cancer speaking of the importance of Vitamin C said, “Each of us produces several hundred cancer cells every day of our lives. Whether we develop clinical cancer or not depends upon the ability of our immune system to destroy these cancer cells. That’s because cancer thrives in the presence of a deficient immune system and a nutrient-deprived body.”

Cancer cells secrete an enzyme, hyaluronidase, that breaks down the collagen-hyaluronic acid cement that holds all our cells together. Vitamin C is required for the development of collagen and the fibrous matrix.

This is why it is so important to all tissue related problems, including disc injuries, gum problems, vascular diseases and even skeletal problems. It is a reasonable leap of logic that chronic deficiency of Vitamin C is a major contributor to osteoporosis as well.

While I cannot promise a cure for cancer, the scientific importance of vitamin C in undisputed. Please take a good look at the testimonials on our Liposomal Vitamin C product page and take advantage of this rare sale of our best-selling Liposomal Vitamin C without delay.

Living in today’s world means dealing with constantly mutating viruses and other infectious diseases, we can take responsibility for our own physical health and immune system — Liposomal Vitamin C is a good start.


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