Essential Tips For New Years Resolutions

It is that time of year.

For some, setting New Year resolutions might make you feel excited, for others, it may be a cause of undo stress or indifference.

In recognition of this, it is good to have at least a loose road map for the things you would like to accomplish in the new year. It certainly should not be a standard to measure yourself by, but as an exercise in faith, intention and… more often than not, good old fashioned hard work.

Here are some tips and things to remember as you set your resolutions for 2018:

1. Keep your list short and the tasks manageable.

Remember we tend to “measure what we treasure”. If we say we want to exercise more and set a goal to run a marathon in 6 months, we tend to get overwhelmed and give up quickly.

2. Vary your goals.

Instead of focusing just on our physical health — which comprise 90% of most New Year resolutions — Examine the your “whole” life physically, spiritually, socially and intellectually.

3. Focus on your behaviors.

It has been said that what we value is demonstrated by our observable behaviors. Too often we think we can “have a great positive mental attitude” about things and they will happen naturally. Every major study ever done on change has concluded that behaviors are much more important. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think our attitude is critical, but the actual behavior change is crucial to meaningful change.

4. Share your resolution publicly.

Whether it is a traditional goal of losing weight, eating better and consistently supplementing or maybe a very personal goal in another area of your life – share it with people you trust. They will help keep you accountable. It’s amazing how accountability can help you in moments of weakness.

5. Positive Reinforcement.

Remember that change takes time. Be flexible as our lives take us down many unexpected, and sometimes, curvy roads. If you slip up, don’t give up. It truly does take at least 30 days to create a new habit. Once you hit the 30 day mark, reward yourself and move forward. You’ve taken a great step toward creating a “reset” for your habits in 2018.

Here’s to a Healthy and Fruitful 2018!


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