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New & Improved Liposomal Cellmunity Plus Is Now Available (Formerly Liposomal Symplex C)

We are pleased to announce our New & Improved Liposomal Cellmunity Plus (Formerly Liposomal Symplex C) for those seeking maximum immune, anti-aging and detoxification support.

Liposomal Cellmunity Plus is a uniquely formulated proprietary blend of critical nutrients originally formulated to assist those who are battling chronic conditions. Numerous individuals also utilize Liposomal Cellmunity Plus to enhance and support quality of life.

While none of us can stop the aging process, Liposomal Cellmunity Plus includes critical anti-aging nutrients that build your immune system, support cellular energy production and thoroughly detoxify toxins at a cellular level.

The New and Improved Liposomal Cellmunity Plus now has vitamin D3. Acclaimed for many years as the go to nutrient for healthy bones – emerging research now has shown that activated vitamin D3 is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer cell growth.

This, in addition to vitamin D3’s immune, pain and circulatory benefits, made it the perfect addition to an already potent formula that maximizes the absorption of Vitamin C, Glutathione, Resveratrol, CoQ-10, Curcumin and now Vitamin D3 through liposomal delivery.

The Benefits Of Liposomal Delivery

This is a good time to remind our long time Let’s Talk Health members and those that have just recently discovered our formulas about why liposomal delivery is so vital to exponentially increase the effectiveness of nutrients.

Liposomal delivery in the New and Improved Liposomal Cellmunity Plus allows you to have the best of both worlds – High absorption of 6 critical nutrients in the bloodstream without the expense of IV infusions. Plus you can determine how often and how much you take without needing to set an appointment (not to mention – a needle stick) every time you get an infusion.

Utilizing nanotechnology in our state of the art, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) laboratory, nutrients are reduced into microscopic particles and then inserted into a certified Non-GMO fat lipid. The liposome protects the nutrients as they pass through the digestive tract so that they remain intact as they enter the bloodstream. The fat lipid is also water and fat soluble — just like our cells – making it more amenable to be absorbed at the cellular level.

When you consider that a normal vitamin C or glutathione IV infusion alone starts at $125 each, liposomal delivery provides a much more affordable way to get nutrients into your bloodstream — arguably with better results.

We know that club members currently using Liposomal Symplex C are going to be excited about the New & Improved Liposomal Cellmunity Plus. If you have not experienced the life-changing effects of this powerful formula – Now would be a good time to start.

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