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30 million Americans take medication to treat depression, but for most people, antidepressants serve mostly as a placebo, scientists now say.  Antidepressants are medications meant to act on the chemistry of the brain to relieve symptoms of depression. Along with talk therapy, antidepressants can be wonderful in helping those suffering from depression live a more normal life. However, there are often side effects from the antidepressants.

According to, side effects can range from nausea to sexual dysfunction among others. More medications are prescribed to deal with the side effects, and even those can cause side effects, or the original medication gets changed and adjusted and the cycle starts all over again. There also is the problem with serious interactions with other drugs you may be taking.

Some antidepressants (such as Paxil) have even been linked to birth defects when taken by women who are pregnant. Responsible physicians will not prescribe antidepressants that have been linked to birth defects to their patients who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, or in the case of severe depression, they prescribe them in lower dosages until the child is born.

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Please be sure to read all warnings in the information packet given to you by your pharmacist and visit the manufacturer’s website for more information. Let your physician and pharmacist know of every medication you are taking, prescription and over-the-counter homeopathic, to avoid possible drug interactions.

Stress-Eze from Let’s Talk Health can help you with your depression and anxiety symptoms naturally, without all the side effects often found in prescription medications. The all-natural formula of vitamins, minerals, and the herbs St. John’s wort, L-Tyrosine, and 5-Hydroxytryptophan work to elevate the hormones in the brain that give you a feeling of well being. St. John’s wort has been shown to relieve symptoms in mild depression and does not cause dependence to the product. With antidepressants one has to be weaned off slowly because going off suddenly can be dangerous.

Discuss with your physician the benefits of using Stress-Eze over prescription medications. Enlightened physicians will listen to your concerns and seriously consider a natural alternative over the man-made chemical medications.

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