New & Improved Menopause Capsules – Now With Concentrated Black Cohosh & Vegetarian Capsules

Menopause literally means the end of menstruation. That almost never happens suddenly, there usually are many signs, often beginning in the early 40’s and sometimes continuing until past 50 years of age. The medical name for this is the climacteric, but traditionally most of us refer to it as the “change of life.”

The first sign of menopause is usually a change in the menstrual cycle, it might be irregularity, less frequent, more frequent, longer or shorter. As less and less estrogen is produced, the menstrual flow is decreased, but this can be interspersed with a real heavy period. You may stop for months then suddenly have another period.

Our New & Improved Menopause Capsules now contain a proprietary Black Cohosh in a concentrated, nano-sized form for greater bioavailability and vegetarian approved capsules.
Menopause Capsules are an all-natural formula designed to provide support for symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats and mild mood changes
Our heavily researched formula utilizes clinically proven, natural ingredients for women during the menopausal season of their life. Containing extract of black cohosh in a concentrated bio-available form, Pregnenolone, DHEA, pantothenic acid, vitamin E and a proprietary MenoRelief Complex of clinically tested ingredients, our Menopause Capsules have made a difference for many women from the sometimes-debilitating symptoms of menopause.

  • Hormone Free
  • Natural Mood Enhancer
  • Supports Adrenal Gland Function

Due to space constraints, we will delve into the proprietary concentrated Black Cohosh and Pregnelone utilized in this formula. For more detailed information about the other critical ingredients, go to out blog at: and search for Menopause Capsules.
Black Cohosh – This amazing flowering plant has been researched for forty years and has been found to provide natural relief from the difficulties encountered in menopause.

The new & improved Menopause Capsules contain black cohosh that has been exquisitely processed using nanotechnology to make it highly absorbable. Nanotechnology is the wave of the future in food supplement manufacturing. This new process creates a micro particle that is instantly dissolved in the digestive tract and absorbed almost 100 percent as compared to a maximum of 30 percent or less for an average capsule.

A stark drop in estrogen levels is responsible for bringing on the symptoms of menopause. Some researchers believe that Black Cohosh might exert its effects on menopausal symptoms through a brain-related action, such as modulation of serotonergic pathways, or through its potential ability to act as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, or selective estrogen receptor modulator.

It has been extensively studied, with many results showing that Black Cohosh does indeed alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety and mood swings. In a German study involving 629 women, Black Cohosh improved physical and psychological menopausal symptoms in more than 80% of the participants within four weeks. In another study, 80 menopausal women were treated for 12 weeks with Black Cohosh extract, conjugated estrogens or a placebo. Black Cohosh improved anxiety, menopause and vaginal symptoms.
In addition, the number of hot flashes dropped from 5 to less than 1 average daily occurrence in the Black Cohosh group compared to those taking estrogen who saw their hot flashes drop from 5 to 3.5 daily occurrences.

But we didn’t stop with a better form of Black Cohosh. In our unending quest for better synergy and results, we surrounded this “super black cohosh” with a bevy of complementary nutrients:

Pregnenolone is one of the precursors to female hormones. It is a great mood elevator and sensory enhancer. In the manufacture of sex hormones, pregnenolone catalyzes the formation of DHEA, which is then used as the substrate for the manufacture of progesterone, testosterone and estrogen. Pregnenolone is manufactured in the adrenal glands and as with all hormones, pregnenolone declines with age. With insufficient pregnenolone symptoms such as feeling tired, being unable to cope in stressful situations, and having a lack of energy and enthusiasm, can occur.

Pregnenolone is known for its memory boosting features and is sometimes known as the ‘memory hormone’. It is found in the brain in high concentrations and enhances concentration, improves memory, and is a key player in mood control. When there are insufficient levels, memory problems and poor concentration will occur. Low levels of pregnenolone, in the elderly, have been associated with dementia.

Pregnenolone is important for weight loss, sex drive, energy and vitality.

Vitamin E – Long respected to assist menopausal symptoms, particularly hot flashes.

Pantothenic Acid – The adrenals manufacture an estrogen mimic upon retirement of the ovaries. Pantothenic acid is the supportive nutrient for the adrenals, which are often fatigued by stress.

Isoflavones have been used for menopausal symptoms for many years with clinical results that pleased and surprised many. Derived from soy, these substances seem to mimic estrogen.

DHEA is the direct precursor to estrogen and other hormones which are so necessary for the sexual instinct in the female. Often recommended for a loss of sexual interest.

How can you continue to be uncomfortable when dramatic, clinically proven relief is here? Try our new & improved Menopause Capsules today at 48% off the retail price. Most women see a difference in just two weeks. Use three capsules morning and night until symptoms abate, then reduce to two twice daily. Further reduction possible after six weeks of continual use.


Menopause Capsules

Natural Relief From the Difficulties Encountered in Menopause

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