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Beware! Taking Nexium or Prilosec for your gastroesophageal reflux may lead to bone density loss and increased incidence of bone fractures. The study was published in the Journal of American Medical Assn. and was well controlled, using over 135,000 patients. The significant finding in the 40 percent taking either of the above drugs demonstrated twice the number of fractures as compared to those not taking hydrochloric acid inhibitors.

The probable reason for this was the reduced absorption of all nutrients, including minerals, in a stomach that was inhibited from secreting those digestive juices necessary to make nutrients ready for absorption. There are multiple reasons for GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease), but excess hydrochloric acid is not one of them. GERD often occurs when fermentation results in excess gas, leading to pressure in the stomach. The pressure finds it easier to reverse the normal one-way esophageal valve than to open the pyloric valve at the other end of the stomach. This results in acidic stomachic contents refluxing into the alkaline esophagus causing rather acute burning sensations.

I feel that there are three things you should examine before taking these powerful, side-effect laden drugs:

  1. You can’t have fermentation without concentrated sugars in the stomach. When consumed with concentrated protein, the sugars become locked in the stomach where the protein is being prepared for further digestion. Now fermentation results as the sugar reacts with the bacteria. Reduce all concentrated carbohydrates as much as possible.
  2. Another very simple way to combat more severe flare-ups is with D-Limonene. Many studies indicate that 500-1000 mg of d-limonene a day for 20 days assists the body in reducing the symptoms of GERD and heartburn.
  3. In the long term, consider using a complete digestive enzyme with every meal. This formula should contain betaine hydrochloride, ox bile,  pancreatin, bromelain, and papain – all of which can be found in our Super Enzyme Plus

My experience says you will probably say goodbye to your GERD symptoms and difficulties within the first three days of adhering to this regime.

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