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When you next sprinkle salt on your food, be warned: Your seasoning probably contains plastic. That’s the conclusion of a new study that examined 39 brands of salt from 21 countries, including the U.S.

Researchers found that 90 percent of the samples contained micro-plastics- defined as pieces less than 5 mm in size- with sea salt being the most contaminated, followed by lake salt then rock salt, reports

Plastic levels were highest in samples from Asia, a hot spot for plastic pollution; salt sold in Indonesia was the most polluted. “Sea salt can be a good indicator of the magnitude of [micro-plastics] pollution in the surrounding marine environment,” said the researchers from South Korea’s Incheon National University and Greenpeace East Asia.

The study estimates that the average adult consumes 2,000 pieces of micro-plastic every year from salt. In a small, separate study in Austria, researchers took stool samples from eight individuals in Europe, Japan, and Russia; all tested positive for microplastics. Plastic particles in the gut could affect the digestive system’s immune response, researchers said, or aid in the transmission of toxic chemicals and pathogens.

Let’s Talk Health’s Seasoning Salt is the perfect replacement for sodium chloride or common table salt. This blend contains potassium chloride, sodium chloride, kelp, lysine, magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride. It adds just the right amount of zest to foods without upsetting the sodium-potassium balance.

Our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) laboratory has rigorous testing protocols for every formula and product we produce.  It is tested 3 separate times for contaminants and utilizes organic ingredients to ensure potency and efficacy.

Seasoning Salt (8oz)

The Perfect Salt Replacement, Adds Zest While Maintaining The Sodium-Potassium Balance

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5 Stars – Great Taste!
Great tasting product without the heavy salt taste. A little goes a long way

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