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Urinary tract infections are pesky, irritating conditions that often are difficult to clear because the bacteria set up housekeeping in the mucous lining of the tract and are not easily accessible to antibiotics. They are almost always associated with a common inhabitant of the human – E. coli.

E. coli. bacteria cause 90% of UTIs. Once these bacteria enter the urinary tract, they latch on to cells, grow, and cause infection. Researchers have found that D-mannose – the active all-natural nutrient found in our Urine-Eze Formula, works to treat or prevent a UTI by stopping these bacteria from latching on.

Picking up an E. coli bug from your pet might also lead to a urinary tract infection, a study finds. University of Minnesota researchers made the connection by studying the incidence of pet owners among those who had urinary tract infections.

When you have a UTI, the lining of the bladder and urethra become red and irritated just as your throat does when you have a cold. The irritation can cause pain in your lower abdomen pelvic area and even lower back, and will usually make you feel like urinating more often. Burning or pain when urinating is the most common symptom. You may even feel a strong urge or need to urinate but only get a few drops. This is because the bladder is so irritated that it makes you feel like you have to urinate, even when you don’t have much urine in your bladder. At times, you may lose control and leak urine. You may also find that your urine smells bad and is cloudy.

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Our Urine-Eze formula is the best natural antibiotic for urinary tract infections. Mannose is critical active all natural ingredient prohibits bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract lining which loosens the bacteria’s hold on the mucous membrane and you flush out the creatures next time you void.

After you consume foods or supplements containing D-mannose, your body eventually eliminates it through the kidneys and into the urinary tract.

While in the urinary tract, it can attach to the E. coli bacteria that may be there. As a result, the bacteria can no longer attach to cells and cause infection.

The vitamin A and C  found in Urine-Eze also helps to heal the irritated and inflamed areas.

This proprietary formula has seen great success in club members with multiple sclerosis, prostate problems and others for whom chronic urinary tract infection has been a problem. 

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