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We don’t catch the flu. The flu catches us. You know what the flu feels like. It wrings you out and hangs you up to dry—aching in every movable part of your body.

What if there was a common sense, practical way to avoid the flu this season? Those post-nasal-drip sore throats and sniffles, sinus congestions that erupt into unbelievable headaches, body aches typical of the flu that reveal a smoldering viral infection? Upset that every time you get a flu shot, you seem to come down with the flu? Wondering how to brace yourself against the damp and howling winter winds?  If so, here is an inexpensive, easy and highly-effective remedy for you and those you love to consider: Temporary high dosage of Vitamin A. That’s right: Vitamin A. To be specific, the palmitate form available in our Immune Support Plus Formula.

Although Vitamin A is important for the health of our eyes, it also plays an important role in supporting your immune system. An antioxidant, just like Vitamin C, this fat-soluble Vitamin enhances the production of new cells while helping to stop free radicals in their tracks from becoming pathways to disease. Vitamin A deficiencies are commonly associated with infectious diseases.

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The key is the dosage. Paracelsus, the world’s greatest doctor (he practiced in the 1500’s) said, “All poison is a matter of dosage,” and thus it is with vitamin A. If you take a lot for only a short time, you get tremendous benefits without significant risk of side-effects.  Our nutritional recommendation is VERY high dosages of vitamin A palmitate—but only for a VERY short time period.  How high a dosage? Try 100,000 IU/day (unless you’re pregnant)—more than 8 times the normally suggested dosage.

Remember, toxic levels are determined not only by amount but by duration of exposure. Therefore, 100,000IU for a day or two is not only safe, it’s highly effective. If you stay on vitamin A at high dosages for too long, the side-effects can include headaches, diarrhea, dry skin, and hair loss. This can occur with routine use of even 50,000 IU/day.

Vitamin A was initially coined “the anti-infective vitamin” because of its importance in the normal functioning of the immune system. The skin and mucosal cells, lining the airways, digestive tract, and urinary tract function as a barrier and form the body’s first line of defense against infection.

The skin and mucosal cells, lining the airways, digestive tract, and urinary tract function as a barrier and form the body’s first line of defense against infection.

Immune Support Plus was designed as a temporary nutritional “shot to the system” of Vitamin A and C and is not meant as a formula to be taken daily.

Let’s Talk Health’s best selling formula to help support your body’s natural cold and flu immunity, contains high doses of vitamin A, vitamin C and bicarbonates. Bicarbonates have been shown to assist in maintaining a healthy body pH and vitamin A & C have been shown to assist in respiratory health.

Each tablespoon of the formula now includes Echinacea, an herb that has also been shown to assist in fighting colds and other respiratory ailments.

Echinacea is time-tested an effective therapeutic agent in many infectious conditions including upper respiratory infections, the common cold and sinusitis. The herb is also a mild antibiotic that has shown to assist in fighting staph and strep infections. 

Immune Support Plus is a good formula to always have on hand in your medicine cabinet to begin taking at the first sign of a cold or flu.

Note: If you are either pregnant or a woman of childbearing age, be advised that too much vitamin A can be teratognic (very problematic) early in pregnancy if a fetus is growing in your womb.


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