Study Finds Energy Drinks Affect Heart Function

Energy drinks are incredibly popular among college students and young professionals in the United States. Ever since Red Bull popularized the concept of caffeinated drinks as an alternative to coffee, numerous other brands have joined the market, which can now be found in any supermarket or college campus in the country. Although energy drinks have been widespread for several years now, a growing number of doctors and nutritionists are concerned about the significant dangers that these energy drinks pose on the human body. Recently, a study by the Radiological Society of North America described some of the potential threats energy drinks can have on those who regularly drink them. Earlier this month, U.S. News reported on the study, which described many of the risks associated with drinking energy drinks, including: Excess sugar in the diets of energy drinkers, due to the high levels of sugar in energy drinks. Some have more sugar (Read More)

Research says increased physical activity reduces effect of salt on blood pressure

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. In addition to concerns about eating healthy and exercising to lose weight, we must also consider other health concerns like high blood pressure and cholesterol. High blood pressure is particularly dangerous because it can lead to a number of life-threatening problems such as hypertension, heart attacks, and strokes. Fortunately, many of the things that work for losing weight also work for lowering blood pressure. According to a study from the American Heart Association, physical activity has a significant impact on blood pressure. This impact is particularly pronounced in individuals who consume a high-salt diet. Salt is well known to be a leading cause of high blood pressure, so individuals looking to reduce the risk of high blood pressure due to their high-salt diet are encouraged to increase their level of physical activity. However, the best way to offset the negative effects of salt (Read More)

Don’t Watch This! TV Viewing Linked to Diabetes, Heart Disease and Early Death

It turns out that our media rich society has some drawbacks.  While the amount of TV viewing has dropped in the United States, we still need to be diligent about the importance of moderation.  The American Medical Association has confirmed what we already knew intuitively – that excessive TV viewing is detrimental to our health.