Take Stock Of Your Life Starting Today

When It comes to living a balanced life — especially regarding our health — the only way to truly have freedom to enjoy a healthy life if through discipline and education.

Let’s face it – most of us do not take a personal inventory of what we eat on a regular basis to ensure proper nutrition. Even if we are diligent, much of the nutrition in the foods we eat today have been stripped of their nutritional value by over processing.

Nutritional supplements are more widely used today than at any other time in our history. People are using nutritional supplements to fill the gaps between our unhealthy diets and our body’s needs, helping to enhance everything from our workout regimens as well as our memory and mental functions.

The lack of proper supplementation may not be apparent; your body is amazingly equipped to keep you in balance, even when you are not providing the proper amounts of nutrients. This takes its toll on our bodies.
Recent studies indicate that 77% of people regularly experience the physical symptoms of stress due to money, poor nutrition, media overload, sleep deprivation, work issues, relationships, health and the ever-changing society. Good nutrition serves as a bulwark against these stressors and gives us the capability to thrive in spite of our circumstances.

Our bodies, unlike cars, have no body shops to change our oil, perform tune-ups or rotate our tires. Our bodies rely upon the nutrients we take in to allow it to self-perform these regular life essential tune-ups. If these nutrients are not provided to our bodies, the next step is a trip to the hospital, taking pharmaceutical drugs, which if you took them when you were well would make you sick. We can help avoid such human body shops with proper nutritional supplementation.

You have the power to not only support longevity through supplementation but also improve the quality of your life along the way. You have a choice not to suffer from premature aging, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, depression, poor concentration, memory loss, aches and pains, recurrent infections, allergies, circulatory problems and just not feeling at your best.

This blog is dedicated to helping you live your best life in balance — Physically, Spiritually, Relationally and Mentally.

About the Author

Hello! My name is Jim Cartmill. As a former missionary, I know the struggles people face in living a balanced life – physically, spiritually, relationally and mentally. I’ve made it my mission to give people the resources to transform adversity into building a mission-driven life focused on balanced wellness.

It has been my privilege to bring this message of hope and transformation to over 1 million people from coast to coast and around the world as well as a high-performance coach for All-American and World-Ranked elite athletes.

As CEO of Let’s Talk Health – Named Small Business of the Year by the California Small Business Association – we pride ourselves in creating proprietary nutritional formulas that focus on physical wellness – a critical area that often times limit our ability to live our lives in balance.

As Tolstoy once said, “Everyone thinks about changing humanity, but no one ever thinks about changing themselves.” It is my desire that this blog helps you keep the important stuff in life balanced and real – Creating the change we always desired.