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Contrary to what it sounds like, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance produced in our skin that allows for maximum water retention and hydration that effectively refreshes and brightens our complexion.

The strength of this molecule is measured in its ability to hold six liters, or a thousand times its weight, of water and to lock in that moisture to prevent it from evaporating.  It maintains a delicate balance of keeping the skin as hydrated as possible without retaining too much water that could possibly cause the breakdown of other necessary substances vital to the skin’s composition.

Hyaluronic acid works inside and out to keep all layers of the skin healthy, hydrated and noticeably softer and smoother on the surface.

Unfortunately, as get older, our body slows its production of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid and it is essential that we add a supplement to our routine in order to make up for this decrease and keep our skin looking replenished and radiant.  Aging, sun exposure, and other environmental factors that tear down the skin are inevitable and lead to a duller, dryer, and wrinkled appearance. Hyaluronic acid works to fight back against these symptoms of life with its antioxidant and anti-aging properties to rejuvenate and restore the plumpness and natural glow of our youth.

Youth Creme (2oz)

The Perfect Moisturizer & Skin Cell Rejuvenator

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Our all-natural moisturizer, Youth Crème, contains hyaluronic acid along with other skin enhancing ingredients to provide ultimate rejuvenation.  It works from the below-the-skin collagen layers to restore flexibility and tone. Wrinkles caused by hardened collagen relax and become smooth again. Not magic, just good science that works to normalize your skin!

This product combines hyaluronic acid along with Alpha Lipoid Acid which is a natural skin antioxidant that has the ability to enter all parts of a skin cell and therefore provides maximum protection against damaging free radicals. 

Healthy vibrant skin is just a few applications away with Youth Crème.  These evidence-based ingredients are liposomed for immediate penetration to the delicate layers beneath the protective outer skin utilizing science to look and feel years younger.  Youth Crème comes in an airless container so that no air ever comes in contact with the formula and you only express what you actually need. This specialized conception is the key to the vibrant glow you’ve been looking for.

***** Great formula for youthful look!

“I am in my early fifties and love Youth Crème. I especially use it on my face and have had compliments on my skin. It feels so smooth and makes your skin so soft – without the greasy after feel. I will continue using it.” – Dawn from San Juan Capistrano.





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