Part 3: Why Supplements?

Continued from part 2 Take Stock Of Your Life Starting Today Let’s face it – most of us do not take a personal inventory of what we eat on a regular basis to ensure proper nutrition. Even if we are diligent, much of the nutrition in the foods we eat today have been stripped of their nutritional value by over processing. Nutritional supplements are more widely used today than at any other time in our history. People are using nutritional supplements to fill the gaps between our unhealthy diets and our body’s needs, helping to enhance everything from our workout regimens as well as our memory and mental functions. The lack of proper supplementation may not be apparent; your body is amazingly equipped to keep you in balance, even when you are not providing the proper amounts of nutrients. This takes its toll on our bodies. Our bodies, unlike cars, (Read More)

The Rise of the Super Fruits

Super fruits, they’re on the rise! But what makes a fruit “super?” Fruits that are deemed “super” are rich with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and other nutrients that will help you prevent disease and live longer. Specifically, the super fruits you should try to include in your regular diet include: Acai: With antioxidant levels higher than other Superfruit rivals like blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries; the Acai berry is no joke! Pomegranate: Originally hailing from the Middle East and India, is highest in Vitamin K and Selenium. It is most notable and has become commercialized for its high antioxidant content, which can aid heart health, visual and brain function and aging. It is also one of the few fruits which aid in the possible prevention of Alzheimers and diabetes, among the blueberry and blackcurrant. Cranberries: Especially beneficial for women, these berries prevent urinary-tract infections, and might help fight a far scarier disease: ovarian cancer. According to a (Read More)