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Heart health and inflammation – you might not have thought that these two are all that connected to each other. But scientists have learned that long-term, persistent inflammation in the body can actually lead to heart disease (and potentially fatal coronary events such as heart attacks).

Plaque has a somewhat specific structure when its stuck to the walls of an artery. The inner core of a “glob” of plaque is made up of tightly-packed, fat-filled cells and fat droplets. Layered on top of this core is a relatively rigid “cap” composed of fibrous protein molecules.

Now, imagine that someone’s arteries are lined with a fair amount of plaque. The flow of blood to the heart might be somewhat restricted, but it’s not severe enough to cause a major coronary event like heart failure.

This situation can change drastically, however, if chronic inflammation exists in that person’s body.

Why? Because when chronic inflammation is present in the body – caused, perhaps, by too much stress in your body – then the bloodstream is filled with molecules involved in the inflammatory response. Some of these molecules are able to biochemically “slice apart” harmful particles (like bacteria). However, that also means that these inflammatory molecules can rip away the firm “cap” of a plaque structure. This effectively “pops” or ruptures the plaque structure, and all the debris beneath the cap spills out – which can seal off the artery entirely and swiftly halt the flow of blood to the heart.

One possible result of this? A heart attack.

So this is one way that chronic inflammation can result in heart disease. There are many other ways, as well, that scientists are currently researching.

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Contrary to popular belief, plaque that builds up in your arteries does NOT “stick” to the wall of your artery! You must have an injury to the inner wall which will result in inflam- mation which then helps to initiate the whole process of plaque buildup.

The actual cause of the injury is still somewhat in limbo, it could come from an injury to the median wall of the artery, which would then answer the question as to why plaque never forms in veins since they do not have a median or middle layer as arteries do. But others hold that the injury is caused by a bacteria or virus which produces a local infection on the inner lining of the artery. I have to question that on the basis that the same bacteria or virus that is in the artery is also in the vein and we just don’t see atherosclerosis in veins.

Regardless, inflammation can play a huge part in all this and if we could reduce the inflammation, we could reduce the plaque. Recent research shows it plays a key role, and that working to reduce it can prevent heart attacks and strokes.

You  can reduce the inflammation naturally! Natural COX-2 inhibitors (RE-LEV-IT) can reduce inflammation as effectively as many of the dangerous prescription drugs and without side effects. In addition the use of our plaque reducing formula Cardio Advantage Plus has a 30 year history of helping restore circulation in previously occluded arteries. So you have a two-fisted approach to the disease listed as the number one cause of death.

If you have advanced artery disease and have been told you are a heart attack waiting to happen, you might also benefit from the clot busting enzyme Nattokinase found in both Relevit and Cardio Advantage Plus. Since clots are the immediate cause of both heart attacks and strokes, consider it now.

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