A new study suggests the primary cause of uncontrollable tumor growth in some cancers may be hypoxia (low oxygen levels in cells) and not genetic mutations, as is widely believed.

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The research sited above is further validation of the powerful effect oxygenation of cells have on preventative and repairative health.

Source: Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, May 2012


2 thoughts on “Health Alert: Oxygen and Cancer

  1. I am 55 years old and my experience with prostate tumor is very limited. I was diagnosed with a prostate tumor on 4/16/13 after having a PSA level of 10.5 on 2/11/13. Prior to that I never had PSA levels checked. Had a 3TM MRI and doctor diagnosed tumor as a Gleason 7 but it’s contained to the prostate. Doctor prescribe bicalutamide, a testosterone suppressor. In addition to taking bicalutamide, I started taking 60 grams of shark cartilage daily (taking 3 times, 20 grams in the morning, 20 grams at noon, 20 grams at night right before eating or with food) for 20 days. After the 20 days, I cut down the shark cartilage to 14 pills of 750 ml per day. I also started taking hydrogen peroxide with colloidal silver (3 ounces, 3 times a day on an empty stomach 30 min. before each meal) from Let’s Talk Health.

    I had another lab exam on 5/17/13 and PSA level went down to 0.673. In 93 days the PSA went from 10.5 to 0.673!

    No biopsies, no surgery, no radiation, no chemotherapy.

    Firs of all, I attribute this drop in PSA to God’s divine intervention.
    Second, I changed my diet by cutting all sugars and most carbohydrates (one or two corn tortillas, very little bread, no sodas, fruit juice, and very little fruit).
    Third, the combination of bicalutamide, shark cartilage, and hydrogen peroxide/colloidal silver have not cause any side effects and working well.

    I will take another PSA in 60 to 90 days.
    Blessing to everyone!

    1. OMG! I forgot to mention the Benefits of Coconut Oil. Google it. It is amazing!
      Sprout’s sells a jar for only 8.00 and it is Organic, Virgin Coconut oil.
      God Bless You,

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