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More Doctors And Researchers Speak Out About the Cholesterol Myth

A recent conference entitled “Heart Disease in the 21st Century: Beyond the Lipid Hypothesis” was filled with speakers who did not believe that you should avoid saturated fats or limit your cholesterol or use polyunsaturated fats in your diet.

In fact, they presented evidence that was just the opposite – saturated fats are extremely important to good health, high cholesterol foods do not contribute to high cholesterol and polyunsaturated fats are bad for your health!

Emerging science from intensive study on lowering cholesterol levels was found to be wanting in extending life even one day. In fact, there was a finding that lower cholesterol levels were associated with cancer and premature death!

As an explanation, one speaker said, “Cardiologists and others have confusion about a statistical association of cholesterol with causation. It’s as if they saw a house burning and determined that the bigger the fire, the more fireman are present, and then concluded that firemen cause burning houses.”

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